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About Us

About Education Affiliates

Education Affiliates is focused on building a network of post-secondary schools with diverse offerings. The post-secondary education industry is attractive because it is driven by favorable macroeconomic and societal trends. These trends include:

  • Increasing Perceived Value of Post-Secondary Education: There is a growing income disparity between those with post-secondary training and those without, driven by the increased demand and need for skilled labor.
  • Growing Enrollment Base: Growth in the enrollment base for post-secondary education is being driven by overall population growth, the increasing number of high school graduates choosing post-secondary programs over traditional community colleges, and the increasing need for retraining the adult workforce.
  • Growing Need for Skilled Professionals: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cites better than average growth in a wide array of skilled professions. These include: medical assistants, dental assistants, dental hygienists, pharmacy assistants, practical and registered nurses, insurance coders, cosmetologists, HVAC technicians, welders, and commercial drivers, among others.

Each of these occupations requires post-secondary education and professional qualifications and certifications. Education Affiliates Inc. is a private equity sponsored company. Currently, Education Affiliates has a total of 41 school locations nationwide.