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Drug Free Workplace Policy

Drug Free Workplace Policy

EA has a vital interest in maintaining a safe and efficient environment for its employees, clients, and customers. Employees who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the job pose serious safety risks not only for the user but also to co-workers and others. The possession, use or unauthorized sale of an illegal drug or alcohol may also pose unacceptable risks for safe and efficient operations. Accordingly, it is the right, obligation, and intent of EA to maintain a safe and efficient environment for all its employees and guests and to protect Company property, equipment, and operations.

EA has adopted a drug-free workplace policy to ensure that our business is functioning safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. In doing so, EA will comply with all federal and state drug-free workplace requirements. In addition, EA has established a program that meets the requirements to disqualify individuals from receiving benefits for workers' compensation and unemployment compensation purposes.

EA will require all employees and job applicants to consent to, participate in, and comply with this policy as a condition of employment and continued employment. For those who refuse to seek help on their own or who fail to cooperate fully with the terms and conditions of this policy, EA will take appropriate measures to address the situation promptly and directly. Substance abuse that affects the workplace will not be tolerated.

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